Command Line: A Modern Introduction

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"The book was astounding, I really liked it. I still use it as a reference sometimes."

~ Ayushman Dubey

What is inside?

  • Short and to-the-point explanations of how things work from an experienced software developer.
  • How to be confident when running things on a command line.
  • Tips and tricks for efficient command line usage.
  • Instructions on how to chain commands together, redirect inputs and outputs, and create shell scripts.
  • Current state-of-the-art applications.
  • Topics covering account management and permissions, job control, search, text data wrangling, working with HTTP and SSH, configuration.
  • Compatible instructions for both Bash and Zsh.

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Who is this for?

  • Software developers, sysadmins and data scientists.
  • Anyone who needs to control Linux or BSD systems like personal computers, servers, virtual machines and containers.
  • For both beginners as well as intermediate users.

What will you get?

  • 85 pages of the most useful information about the Linux command line.
  • High-quality PDF with clickable links and syntax-highlighted code examples.
  • Future updates.

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About the author

I am Petr Stribny. I have been creating software for more than 12 years as a development lead, software developer and quality engineer. You can find me on twitter as @stribny.

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85 pages in PDF on the most important techniques and programs for efficient command line usage. Last updated on January 2023.

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Command Line: A Modern Introduction

75 ratings
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