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Efficient Developer

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A software developer's handbook.

This book will give you the principles, tools, and practices to do software development well. It contains distilled knowledge on specifications, development environment, code management, debugging, testing, documentation, development processes, and software estimation.

By exploring these topics for both individuals and teams, you will connect related concepts together and get a solid foundation even for leading a software development team.

On top of that, this product includes a second book Command Line: A Modern Introduction worth $14 all for one price.

Who is it for?

  • Software developers who already work in the industry but want to better understand the principles and tools, or to have a handbook that they can reference.
  • Anyone who wants to lead a development team and needs a concise overview from a team perspective.
  • People transitioning to software development from related disciplines like system administration or data science that are already familiar with basic terminology and can program.

What is inside?

The book features 8 chapters:

  • Specifications
  • Development Environment
  • Code Management
  • Debugging, Logging, Profiling
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Development Processes
  • Software Estimation

See the official website for more information.

Read the introduction.

What will you get?

  • High-quality PDF with clickable links and syntax-highlighted code examples.
  • All other electronic formats, if they become available.
  • Future updates.
  • A second book Command Line: A Modern Introduction.

Money-back guarantee

If you don't like the book for any reason, contact me in the first days after purchase so that I can issue you a refund.

If you don't want to buy the book right away, join 200+ people to be notified about future updates.

About the author

I am Petr Stribny. I have been creating software for more than 12 years as a development lead, software developer, quality engineer, and freelancer. I have a Master's degree in computer science. You can find me on Twitter as @stribny.

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PDF ebook on software development.

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Efficient Developer

4 ratings